I was tagged in this meme by Shelly

Three names I go by: Alexis, Lex, Alexicle.

Three places I’ve lived in: York, Brighton, Jhunan (Taiwan).

Three places I’ve worked: Priestley’s Vintage (York)… Bellerby’s College (Brighton)… freelance writing for art/music/literature magazines and websites (wherever).

Three things I love to watch: weird and wonderful animation, Woody Allen films, people.

Three places I’ve been and loved: Berlin, Taichung, Tokyo.

Three people who email me regularly: At the moment… Joe, Poppy, my mum. Although I have sporadic communications with most people at the moment due to being insanely busy.

Three things I love to eat: Marmite, cheese, sushi (not all together…)

Three things I’m looking forward to: Celebrating my birthday later today with a picnic, karaoke, Indian food and an indie disco… More spring sunshine… Getting clothes made to measure at the fabric market.

The people I would like to tag in this meme are:



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