Police Visit

I’ll add pictures of my flat soon, but in the meantime here is the view from our balcony (on the 25th floor). I’ve become a bit obsessed with the miniature setting on my camera, which blurs the top and bottom to make objects look like toys.

An annoying thing happened last week. I work at an out-of-town campus some days and it takes over two hours to get home. On this particular day, the traffic was very bad and I arrived home hungry and exhausted, having left the house at 6am. The door was slightly ajar which seemed odd, and I opened it to find two policeman in my living room, talking to one of the security men from the building. They wanted to see our temporary residence documents, which I didn’t have yet as I’d only just gotten my visa.

I was escorted to the station… albeit in a friendly manner so it wasn’t too terrifying, but naturally I was still a bit worried. My housemate kindly came with me and bought me some orange juice and a selection of cakes to stave off the hunger. I was there for almost two hours… luckily it all got sorted with no fines to pay (and no deportation!) Here’s to no more run-ins with the Shanghai police.

2 Responses to “Police Visit”
  1. Arisu ARISUUUU says:

    oh i’m so happy for you! Shanghai looks beautiful!! I would love to visit there one day. I bet you are having a ball.

    surrounded by kawaii

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