Sticker Geek Fest

I have always been something of a hoarder. As a tiny child I had my own desk in the spare room, a magical sanctuary away from the room I shared with my brother. In its drawers I accumulated collections of erasers, stickers, writing paper and shiny 20 pence pieces from the tooth fairy. When my cousin came to stay, I insisted we play a game of ‘post office’, which involved pretending to sell the contents of my desk to one another.

As adulthood loomed, the contents of that desk were mostly neglected, the sticker collection being the part which survived the best. However, it was seriously harmed by the lack of decent stickers available in York and the fact that, when I did find some, I often stuck them on things quicker than I could replace them.

Times have changed. Not only do I now have the option of buying pointless things on the internet, but even high street shops like Paperchase are shaping up to sell some pretty nifty stickers. But this obsession really gained momentum during my time living in Taiwan. Yes, I have mentioned the stationery shops of Taiwan before, and no doubt I will again. Forget Stationery Box. Forget Rymans and WH Smith. How much of their stationery is adorned with impossibly cute creatures, inanimate objects with faces and nonsensical English with a nevertheless overwhelmingly positive message?

I love these guys

Luckily I still have friends in the Far East kind enough to send me stickers. I have also bought a few on the internet and in the few decent stationery shops around these parts and have recently been forced to relocate my sticker collection to a larger tin.

Incredibly girly new tin/carry case

The best of my stickers bought in the UK

As if this wasn’t all nerdy enough, I also bought a sticker album in Taiwan in which I keep the ones I like the most and which I’ll never be able to replace. The book has illustrations on most of the pages so it’s nice to look through even though I haven’t actually put many stickers in it yet.

Sticker album

Stickers from a Japanese photobooth I visited with my friends

Happy teeth and toothbrushes!

3 Responses to “Sticker Geek Fest”
  1. WineCrucifix says:

    >Hi, this is Kim! Do you remember 'The Bead Machine' in York? I used to spend all of my pocket money on stickers from that shop. I spent hours and hours in there as a child! X

  2. >Oh god, I had forgotten about that as it closed down so long ago but now you mention it – I used to love that place! I think many of my early stickers must have been from there! x

  3. kadu says:

    >It is a Japanese sticker. It is cute.

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