Too many things

The Blythe doll is back in my life now. I moved into a new flat last month and it’s lovely; I finally feel at home in this city. Things are good. Things are also admittedly rather slow on the blog front… I’m starting to put together the next print issue of Ghost in the Machine so it’s hard to find the time to come up with new content for both as well as working full time and writing freelance in my spare time. Oh, and I just started learning Italian. Bad idea? Maybe not but it sometimes seems that way when I have to go to lessons straight from work and learn all about Italian food and restaurants when I haven’t had chance to eat my dinner yet.

I wrote a To Do List the other day and it looks a little overwhelming. I got a new (mini, pistachio-coloured) sewing machine for Christmas and I haven’t even taken it out of the box yet. I started an Etsy account with the intention of selling homemade greetings cards and other illustrated products, and thus far it’s just a name (, if you’re interested when I eventually get something on it). I have several other writing projects on the go and they’re all moving rather slowly… If only I wasn’t pretty much equally interested in writing and art, I might have time to concentrate on one or the other. But there is one situation where it seems to be beneficial – putting together a zine filled with both. I have some very talented contributors too, and am really excited about using their work.

So yes, this is basically a blog post about why I’ve been too busy to blog lately. Here are some pictures of my new room.

3 Responses to “Too many things”
  1. >So many ideas but none of them going anywhere fast. I know the feeling. I loved your story set in Hong Kong. Your writing built up a picture for me and I really could sense the girl's awkwardness. Is it 'just' a story? I know you love taking pictures and model horses would be irresistible to you, surely, but none on the blog….Anyway, i've got to go to the airport to pick up the missus so I'll make this quick. I'll become your follower… as it inspired me to do some extra work yesterday. I know that sometimes, it seems that things never get done but if you keep at it, they almost always get completed n I think you're in it for the long haul. So I look forward to reading your first novel — very soon!!!Good luckChris

  2. >Thanks for the words of encouragement:) Hopefully I'll get a bit more done now as I've got a week off. I've just finished my job and am starting a CELTA course on the 10th (yes, I miss teaching too much so I'm going to do it again! Though just in the UK initially).The Hong Kong story is in fact just a story, though I did go there alone for a few days so that experience definitely inspired it. I never actually went to Penfold Park – just researched it on the internet! And the lady is completely fictional but I did meet some similarly interesting people on my travels. The time I spent travelling round Taiwan alone for a couple of weeks was absolute madness. I will write about that soon, either for the blog or the paper version of my zine (which I can send you a copy of when it's done ^-^). I hope you will keep up with your photography project, it's a really inspiring idea and the quality of the photos is amazing! I will keep looking at them as you put new ones up:)Alexis

  3. >OH, I didn't realise that you missed teaching so much!! I guess there are lots of opportunities, even in Brighton, to use it. I’ve always thought about the summer jobs option – sounds good – every cost covered and about 200-300 quid a week. I guess Brighton has a ton of English schools too. I remember finding the CELTA hard but as you’ve already taught for a year, perhaps it’ll be much easier for you. Anyway, it’s more fun than working. Travel is a great source of writing, just because more and crazier things seem to happen, especially when you’re on your own. Your HK story definitely gave me a sense of place. I usually only achieve that if I write in the moment (you know whilst on the train etc) as I then take more note of sounds, smells and details. You'll have to write about your Taiwan experiences soon!I plan to keep the project going. In fact I've got some big ideas for it, which I'd like to try over the next few months.Good luck. Enjoy your week off. Here's to more ART!!! Brian's blog a day is a great idea – forces you to write at least something everyday. He's just been in Malaysia, so he took his laptop and wrote updates from a top of a mountain, whilst on the train etc. So for him, there are no excuses anymore.

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