Hove Museum and Art Gallery

So, I was under the impression Brighton doesn’t have a great deal to offer in the way of art galleries, though I do have a soft spot for both the Booth Museum, with its weird and wonderful collection of natural history artefacts, and Brighton Museum and Art Gallery (in Pavillion Gardens).

However, it would stand to reason that, given its size and the number of artists living in the city, Brighton might have more exciting galleries to actually display a decent amount of the art it produces. Instead it seems a lot can be found seasonally at festivals and graduate exhibitions at Brighton University with its high profile arts degrees.

I may be wrong about all this – please do tell me if I’m missing something! In the meantime, I am not prepared to wait until the summer to see some art/intriguing objects, and I already went to Brighton Museum and Art Gallery last weekend. I am too poor for London adventures at the moment, and so opted for an afternoon jaunt to Hove Museum and Art Gallery with my boyfriend’s little sister (herself a very talented artist – see


The main appeal of this trip was, admittedly, the fact that admission is free, it’s within walking distance and, wait for it – there’s an extensive toy collection in a place named Wizard’s Attic! Given my toy obsession, which seems to be getting worse despite getting further and further away from a socially acceptable age to be playing with toys, I couldn’t actually resist. Just look at these!

There were also history and film sections which featured some lovely imagery, including some from Hove’s quaint seaside town past.

I am going to make it my mission to visit Brighton Toy Museum soon, though it actually costs money to go there and I have certain faraway friends who would probably love it so may wait until I have the excuse of an enthusiastic visitor.

Next week I shall be reunited with my Blythe doll and all will be right with the world.
Goodnight, wizard.

6 Responses to “Hove Museum and Art Gallery”
  1. Alicer Bino says:

    >Goodnight, sweet wizard…

  2. >Ahhh, OMGZ, youre blog is teh best everrrrrz. I had lulz @ the wisard browse my blog for lulz. xxxxxxxx

  3. >Ha ha Rob, love your special internet persona. I know you can spell really. I will indeed browse your blog for 'lulz'.

  4. Jane says:

    >Hove museum is great, it has an excellent contemporary craft section, or at least it did when I went there about 6 years ago :oD

  5. >Yeah, the craft section is good too! 🙂

  6. Alicer Bino says:

    >lolzatron roflmasprime

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